Licensing from Automation Studio on a PC without an Internet connection

Automation Studio is usually licensed automatically over the Internet. In the event that the PC on which Automation Studio is installed is not connected to the Internet, licensing can take place using a second PC that has an Internet connection.

To do so, complete the following steps (Detailed instructions):

Customer (on the PC with Automation Studio):

1.) Download .wbb file on an online, copy it onto the PC where Automation Studio shall be licensed.

2.) Double click the .wbb file.

3.) Click Yes.

4.) Click "Activate license" and "Next" in the next appearing window.

5.) Select "Create license request" and click "Next".

6.) Choose a filename (take the proposed) and path and press "Commit".

7.) Transfer file to an online PC.

8.) Send the file and the license key to B&R International Support/ your B&R Contact.

B&R employee:

9.) Enter the license key in field at the bottom and press "Send".

10.) Choose the .WibuCmRaC file from the customer.

11.) Download for the.WibuCmRaU file starts automatically. Send file back to the customer.

Customer: After you have received the License File from B&R International Support.

12.) Transfer .WibuCmRaU file to the offline PC with Automation.

13.) Double-click on the update file in Windows Explorer.

14.) Automation Studio is now licensed successfully.