Licensing from Automation Studio on a PC without an Internet connection

Automation Studio is usually licensed automatically over the Internet. In the event that the PC on which Automation Studio is installed is not connected to the Internet, licensing can take place using a second PC that has an Internet connection.

To do so, complete the following steps (Detailed instructions):

Customer (on the PC with Automation Studio):

1. Download and import the .wbb file.

2. Open the Windows start menu, enter "CodeMeter" and confirm by pressing Enter.

3. Select the license container where the license should be transfered (CmContainer for PC license, CmStick for dongle license).

4. Create a request file (.WibuCmRaC extension) by clicking on "Update license".

5. Click "Next" until you can select the path for the file. Save the file.

6. Transfer the file to a PC with Internet access (e.g. save it to a USB flash drive or equivalent).

7. Send the file and the license key to B&R International Support.

B&R International Support:

1. Enter your license key in the respective field and click on "Send".

2. If the key is valid, an input field appears. Select the file saved on the USB flash drive (or equivalent) and click "Send".

3. If successful, an update file is created and downloaded to the PC (extension .WibuCmRaU).

4. Send the file to the customer.


1. Transfer this update file to the PC with Automation Studio (e.g. using a USB flash drive or equivalent).

2. Double-click on the update file in Windows Explorer.

3. Automation Studio is now licensed successfully.

IMPORTANT: Always fully complete the offline licensing process and do not create additional request files on the PC with Automation Studio before the licensing process has been completed. Your licenses may be lost as a result.